Meals On Wheels

Many older members of our communities suffer from chronic physical disabilities or illnesses such as severe arthritis and heart disease, or simply from advancing age. Disabilities make it difficult, if not impossible, for these individuals to plan nutritious meals, shop for food, or to physically prepare their own meals. Additionally, economic factors can play a part in putting seniors and families nutritionally at risk. Lutheran Service Society's Meals On Wheels program addresses these needs in a positive way.

We provide:

  • Nutritious meals: The meals delivered on a daily basis represent more than 1/3 the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of calories for seniors.
  • Affordable service: Contributions are requested to ensure the program is able to continue running, and consumers often feel more self-sufficient if they are able to contribute toward the cost of their meals. Sponsorships may be available for those unable to contribute towards the cost of their meal.
  • Daily visitation: Trained volunteers making meal deliveries check on the consumer to ensure his or her wellness. Many times volunteers have saved consumers from extended hospitalization or even death due to this daily visit.
  • Program referral: Consumers requesting additional assistance may qualify for other programs in Lutheran Service Society's network of care.

Availability of Meals

Hours and days of operation vary by location, but a day's worth of food is generally served each day, Monday through Friday, between 10:00 a.m. and Noon. At many sites frozen meals are available to cover the weekends and holidays.

We operate Meals On Wheels in Beaver County, Pennsylvania.  To enroll yourself or a loved one in Meals On Wheels, find your neighborhood on our list of communities served and call the corresponding phone number.  You will be taken through a simple registration process.


It costs us $25-$35 per week per client to provide Meals On Wheels.  Clients are asked to contribute towards this cost, and the remainder is covered by charitable contributions from individuals, churches, businesses, community organizations, and the generous support of the United Way of Beaver County.  Donate to help provide Meals On Wheels for someone in need by clicking here.

Program Eligibility

While the majority of Meals On Wheels recipients are elderly, there are no age requirements for adults to participate in Lutheran Service Society's Meals On Wheels program. However, other guidelines have been established to evaluate whether or not the program is suitable for meeting an individual's needs. To enroll in the program, an individual must demonstrate:

  • The inability to plan, shop, and prepare nutritious, well-balanced meals, or meals that meet modified diet requirements, such as diabetic or low sodium.
  • Some temporary or permanent physical or psychological impairment based on illness, disability, or advancing age.
  • Lack of incentive to prepare meals due to depression, neglect, or other social or psychological factors.
  • The unavailability of other support resources.
  • The ability to otherwise live independently.